Behind the Scenes

Three Misfortunes

(Britt’s words are in italics.)

Britt and I have been friends for a few years and always bounce ideas off each other. When I told her I wanted to co-write a Halloween short story with her, she didn’t hesitate to agree.

We decided to combine our story worlds. Britt stole Trevor and Kevin from Rumours from the Attic. All the others came from my future (might exist now) series Generation Wars.

It was fun to explore Trevor’s POV. When I wrote RFTA, I was never directly in his head. So, it was nice to have the chance to do that through Three Misfortunes. And it was fun to take him and Kevin out of Yorkshire for a change of scenery to see how far they’d come fifteen years later.

I knew so much about my characters’ lives before my series starts, that I wanted to show them in short stories. My love for them has grown, and I can’t imagine Trevor and Kevin not being a part of their history.

We look forward to writing more stories together and connecting our worlds. Make sure to follow our author pages or newsletters if you don’t want to miss future projects.