Heather Dowell

Heather Dowell is a security guard, Navy veteran, and part-time author. She specializes in writing contemporary romance with lots of drama and diverse characters. In her spare time, she watches British & anime shows with her husband, buys way too many stickers & notebooks, and falls asleep in her wing-backed chair when she’s trying to be productive.

Victoria Anders

Victoria Anders

Originally a born and bred Atlanta chick, I currently reside in the land of sunshine and barely a winter just north of Tampa, Florida with my hubby and two crazy barking dogs.

I’m super excited to share the My Life Series, tales about teens dealing with real-life situations, from death to love to family issues to discovering who they are.

B. L.  Koller

B.L. Koller began her writing career in Weird Mask Zine’s first issue. Since then she’s never stopped and continues to contribute! She discovered a passion for Historical Fiction around 2016 and does her very best to incorporate it within her work.



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Beckton Snow is a pen name for two best friends writing spooky stories together, many of which have LGBT+ main characters. Beckton Side Stories can be read in any order and typical function as standalone one-offs in the way that mysteries do with different cases to solve but the same investigators. Some are basically fan-service scenes that have nothing to do with the main series but are still enjoyable. Plus, you get a ton of exclusives by joining our newsletter. Visit our website at for more information and bonus content.